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Robyn’s Nest Chatter

Property Management and the Dreaded Ants

ants-focusedProperty Management in the Portland Oregon area inevitably leads to a discussion about “ants”.

Here is our recipe for getting rid of those pesky ants that come every spring and summer.

Mix up the solution, pack cotton balls in a… Continue reading

Tips for moving with pets

When you are a rental agency / property manager, you are not just handling some paperwork – you are actually engaging in helping people find their  ‘home’! This means you are often working with families and families often… Continue reading

Garbage and Recycling at home – does it matter?

Property management is about managing property. As a property manager in the Portland Oregon area, I am compelled to help my tenants and home owners improve their quality of life through recycling. I firmly believe that most of us… Continue reading

ENERGY SAVING TIPS from your Property Management Team

How can we offer property management in Portland Oregon and not care about energy savings?  (Obviously we can’t!). Property management gives us many opportunities, one is to share helpful eco-friendly ideas with our property owners and tenants. Even if… Continue reading

Property Manager tips on Cleaning Your Kitchen Appliances (part 2 of 2)

Property managers are the liason between the tenant and the home owner. We feel that by sharing helpful tips on property maintenance with our tenants we help to facilitate quality relationships between both of our customers. We thank all of… Continue reading

Property management on a personal level – part one of 2 Appliance Maintenance

rentals portland oregon - appliance maintenanceTaking good care of your appliance not only lengthens the life of the appliance but keeps your home sparkling!

Working as a property manager in the Portland Oregon area I get the honor of seeing the “pride of ownership”… Continue reading

Portland property management team encourages 7 basic steps to home security

Property management teams get called by tenants and owners for many reasons…

One of the scariest is when a tenant has been victimized by an act of burglary. There is no security system or actions that a property management… Continue reading

Property managers deal with maintenance issues. Maintenance means taking care of your washer and dryer too!

Property managers get involved in all sorts of fun aspects of helping tenants and property owners maintain their property. One key area of concern is the maintenance of washers and dryers. As one of Portland’s favored property management specialists we… Continue reading

Love your property? Maintain your fireplace!

As a property management company based in the northwest, we know the value of having a fireplace in your rental property. We also know the dangers. We encourage property owners to practice safe firelplace maintenance and we encourage our… Continue reading

Emergency Planning recommendations from Portland Oregon’s best property management company

As a property management company we take care to encourage our property owners as well as our tenants to be prepared for any emergency. Being a property management company in the Portland Oregon area, we are fortunate to not… Continue reading

Working Out The Bugs – Let’s Hope They Aren’t Bed Bugs – Yikes!

Hello all!

The new website has been up and running for a couple weeks now.   Unfortunately, we have had to periodically check our phone to make sure it is still working.  You see there are these … Continue reading

New Website

Hi Friends,

Please check out our new website, it promises to be much more user friendly for both you and us!  We have added access to a rental application that can be printed out and emailed, faxed or hand… Continue reading

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