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Emergency Planning recommendations from Portland Oregon’s best property management company

As a property management company we take care to encourage our property owners as well as our tenants to be prepared for any emergency. Being a property management company in the Portland Oregon area, we are fortunate to not have a lot of natural disasters to deal with – but even here stuff happens! Whether you homes for rent or are looking for homes to rent, it is good to be prepared at all times. Below are the basics of emergency preparedness.


Have routine practice drills so that all family members are familiar with the best escape route to take to get outside of your home.  Depending on the age of the family members, you may want to create a “buddy system” – a system that will for example: make sure that a baby or pet has been removed from the house. Too many times infants and/or pets are left behind and it is too late to return to save them once this is discovered.  A lot of people will temporarily mark their escape routes from locations within their home to avoid having family members being confused at the time of the emergency. It is always in your best interest to vacate a home that has been damaged as there could be enough damage to start a fire.  If it was a fire emergency to begin with, the walls or ceiling integrity could be affected.   Once outside, insure all family members are accounted for and then move to a safer location.


Depending on the emergency, land-line phones may not be operating.  Make sure you keep your cell phones charged and in a location from which they can be grabbed on your way out of your house.

Multiple Levels:

Make sure all floors of your home have a ladder or another way of climbing down to safety just in case the stairway or first level doors and windows are inaccessible. Keep in mind to take the precaution of not making it easy for a burglar to gain access to your home through your escape route – secure all windows and doors on every level of your home, however, make sure they are easy to “unlock” in case of an emergency.


  • Buy indoor candles and matches / lighter for use during a power shortage. Another options for families with children and pets – purchase battery operated LED candles. They stay lit for several hours, are battery operated and there is no fire danger.
  • Find the phone numbers for your utility companies and tape them near your phone, add them to your personal phone book or enter them into your cell phone contacts.
  • Buy a battery back-up to protect your computer and sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Store extra bottled water and non-perishable food supplies (including pet food, if you have a pet), blankets and a first-aid kit in a dry and easy-to-access location.

We would love to hear your suggestions or stories on this subject…

3 Responses to Emergency Planning recommendations from Portland Oregon’s best property management company

  • Harmony says:

    Hi, thanks for this article. I did want to add a couple of additional reminders. Never go back into a burning building! A friend of mine recently woke to what she thought was a small fire in her kitchen. It was small but too big to put out on her own so got out safely, but then she realized she didn’t have any pants on (she was asleep when the fire started) so she ran back in to get some pants. This was a huge mistake! In those few short seconds the fire had progressed enough that when she opened the door she was hit by a huge backdraft which burned her face/head and upper body. Now instead of living with the embarrassment of no pants she will live the rest of her life with debilitating scars.

    Also, as we have seen in recent news stories, even a cell phone may not work in a crisis. We are thinking about looking into other technologies like old fashioned CB radios.

    Thanks for the post!

    • robynsnestadmin says:

      Hi Harmony,

      Thank you so much for your recent blog comment. You are so very right about the not going back in thing. So sorry to hear about your friend – my thoughts to her and her family.


  • Hi Robyn:

    Thanks for this information.


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