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Love your property? Maintain your fireplace!

As a property management company based in the northwest, we know the value of having a fireplace in your rental property. We also know the dangers. We encourage property owners to practice safe firelplace maintenance and we encourage our tenants to let us know if they ever have any concerns about their fireplace.

History of the Fireplace:

The first example of technology in the world that many of us can think of is the discovery of fire, and the development of the fireplace. In the mythology of Ancient Greece, the titan Prometheus stole fire from the gods and delivered it to humanity.

Our Maintenance Suggestions:

Never use your wood burning, gas or electric fireplace if you feel something is not working correctly and contact your property manager for a maintenance appointment.

(1) Clean your fireplace as needed with a trowel and bucket (scooping out the coals).

(2) Lay down a towel to prevent ash dust from getting on the hearth or carpet nearby.

(3) Make sure that all coals are cooled by a couple days before placing them in your yard debris container. Never put them in a cardboard box or burnable container.

(4) Wear gloves to prevent soot from getting on your hands and under your nails.

(5) Use a vacuum cleaner to pick up any accumulated dust.

Fireplace Wood:

Make sure the wood is hard and seasoned. Using the proper wood is instrumental to burning a safe, effective fire as taking any other measure. Dry, seasoned wood is best. There are several methods for drying out wood and storing it properly to ensure you have plenty for use.

(1) Keep your wood off the ground. Wood will absorb moisture from the soil.

(2) Stacking will help by creating better air circulation. One long stack in direct sun is best. Do not stack wood right up next to the house or building so it does not do damage to the siding.

(3) Wait until your wood is dry before covering it to avoid mold and decay. If it rains, it does not matter if the wood gets rained on – the surface water from the rain will dry fast.

Gas Fireplace:

Before you clean your gas fireplace, always make sure the gas valve is turned off.

We welcome your comments and questions about your fireplace…


6 Responses to Love your property? Maintain your fireplace!

  • Hi Robyn:

    So glad this got posted on Monday – now I know when to expect some new helpful tips.

    And I got my notification for the first time – thanks so much for fixing this for me. I love the fact that you care about your tenants and homeowners. Sad, but in this recession it seems that a lot of folks forget about the importance of “customer service”…

    You have not and that is why you are doing so well. Word of mouth is what business is about. You can invest a lot of dollars into advertising – but if folks hear something negative – they will not do business.

    Keep up the AWESOME site and I am looking forward to next Monday’s blog post.


  • Hi Angela,

    Thank you so much for your positive feedback. Yes, this economy has posed challenges to many people. We all just have to stick together and ride it out I guess.

    Glad you are enjoying the blogs, hope you find at least some of the information useful!

    We love to hear from you.


  • Jean Adams says:

    Hi Angela & Robyn:

    I totally agree about “customer service” – it is so nice to see a site owner taking the time to respond to our comments.


    • robynsnestadmin says:

      Hi Jean – thank you for your comment. Customer service is important! We will always attempt to respond because we want you to know we are out here and that your opinion does not fall on deaf ears!


  • Barbara Cheri says:

    Hi Robyn:

    When should we start to shut down our fireplaces?

    Thank you,

    • robynsnestadmin says:

      Hi Barbara,

      There is really not a lot to do when it comes to “shutting down” your fireplace. Basically a good clean out of the coals if it is a wood burning fireplace and then closing the damper. There should be a lever of some sort located near the top of your fireplace box (interior) that you push in or depending on the fireplace, the opposite direction from where you have had it while using it. It prevents summer heat from coming down through your chimney and also prevents the cool from your house going up. The biggest thing you need to remember is to open it again before the next use or you will wind up with a house full of smoke!

      Thank you for your comment.

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