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Property Manager tips on Cleaning Your Kitchen Appliances (part 2 of 2)

Property managers are the liason between the tenant and the home owner. We feel that by sharing helpful tips on property maintenance with our tenants we help to facilitate quality relationships between both of our customers. We thank all of our tenants for making our property management job a little easier by reading these blogs and following our guidelines!



1. Identify and locate the type of cleaning required in your dishwasher. Mildew, discoloration and scale are some of the most common concerns that require regular cleaning. Especially if you do not use your dishwasher often.

a. Mildew – add one tablespoon of bleach after emptying the contents of dishwasher. Run a full cycle. This will clean any mold built up in the dishwasher and leave the dishwasher sparkling and glowing.

b. Discoloration and Scale – add one half container of Orange Tang Drink Mix and run a regular cycle. The citric acid present in the mixture helps to loosen up the hard water deposits as it removes and cleans the scale from your dishwasher.

2. Place a coffee cup filled with vinegar in the dishwashing rack and run a full cycle of dishwashing. This will clean your entire dishwasher. If vinegar is unavailable you can also use baking soda. 


The strong smell of popcorn, leftovers, and other foods you cook quickly in the microwave, all can adhere to the inside of the appliance. One way to clean and disinfect the microwave, while also removing those harsh smells, is with water and lemon juice.

1. Fill a medium glass bowl with water, and squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the water.

2. Set the lemon half in the bowl, and microwave it on high for three minutes. The lemon juice disinfects the microwave and leaves behind a strong citrus smell. The water creates condensation on the inside of the microwave. Another Option – a few tablespoons of distilled white vinegar mixed into the bowl of water will both clean and disinfect the microwave.

3. To remove stains, rub down the walls and tray inside the microwave with a soft cloth or sponge.

 Let us know if there is a particular subject you would like us to blog about – this site is all about you!

5 Responses to Property Manager tips on Cleaning Your Kitchen Appliances (part 2 of 2)

  • Barbara Cheri says:

    Good Morning Robyn:

    No pictures today – I am sad. LOL, I am still giggling from last week’s refrigerator picture.

    Thanks for the tips – the lemon does do the trick for the microwave and leaves an awesome after smell that makes your kitchen smell fresh.


    • robynsnestadmin says:

      Hi Barbara,

      How could we beat last week’s refrigerator picture? Ha, ha! Glad you liked the article. Keep checking in!


  • Barbara Cheri says:

    Hi Robyn:

    You had asked what type of information we would like – how about “recycling”…

    I am so LAZY when it comes to doing this, but know I need to.

    Thank you,

    • robynsnestadmin says:

      Recycling is a great topic. Did you know in the main city here, Portland, OR, they have recently just implemented some very strict guidelines as to how in each home recycling will be done. Sounds like a good upcoming blog topic?!?!?

      Stay tuned!

  • Hi Barbara & Robyn:

    I agree – great subject for a future blog.


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