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Property managers deal with maintenance issues. Maintenance means taking care of your washer and dryer too!

Property managers get involved in all sorts of fun aspects of helping tenants and property owners maintain their property. One key area of concern is the maintenance of washers and dryers. As one of Portland’s favored property management specialists we also offer property maintenance. Our extensive experience in property management combined with in-house property maintenance helps make life better for our property owners and our tenants. We hope you find our weekly home care ideas helpful! We love to get your comments so please feel free to post using the comment form below each article to let us know if there are any property related subjects you would like us to share more information on.


Do a periodic maintenance wash:

(1) Run your washing machine on its hottest setting for a typical load length.

(2) Add detergent and some vinegar or colored ammonia.

***Never put clothing in your maintenance wash***

Surface cleaning:

Your washer has either a painted steel or porcelain-coated steel cabinet. It’s perfectly safe to use a little dish detergent and a damp rag to clean all of its surfaces. If the surface is porcelain, you can even use a little non-abrasive cleanser for stubborn stains.


Clean the lint trap between each load:

(1) Pull out your dryer’s lint screen and fish out any lint trapped at the bottom.

(2) Periodically, check with a flashlight to make sure it’s clean. A long crevice tool on a vacuum cleaner may also help pick up remaining lint.

***Removing all lint is a safety precaution, as any excess can catch fire from the intense heat of your dryer***

Clean behind and underneath dryer:

Moisture, dirt, and lint tend to accumulate behind and underneath your dryer. Pull the dryer out from the wall being careful to not scrape or tear the floor covering and wipe these areas with a damp rag.


2 Responses to Property managers deal with maintenance issues. Maintenance means taking care of your washer and dryer too!

  • Hi Robyn:

    So many folks have lost their laundry rooms to fire damage due to not cleaning the lint trap. Folks, it takes just a little spark to start a fire that gets out of control.

    I would also like to add – NEVER leave your washer and dryer on while no one is at home. If a fire or flooding issue is caught immediately – lessens the damage to your home.

    LOL, I am looking forward to your NEW blog post next Monday – awesome!!!!


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